0x0 0x1 0x2 0x3 0x4 0x5 0x6 0x7 0x8 0x9 0xa 0xb 0xc 0xd 0xe 0xf Notes
0x0 0x4d (M) 0x53 (S) 0x54 (T) 0x41 (A) 0x52 (R) 0x53 (S) 0x45 (E) 0x4D (M) 0x49 (I) 0x55 (U) 0x53 (S) 0x46 (F) 0x44 (D) 0x43 (C) 0x49 (I) 0x53 (S) Fixed magic header - MSTARSEMIUSFDCIS
0x10 id byte count id byte 0 id byte 1 id byte 2 id byte 3 id byte 4 id byte 5 id byte 6 id byte 7 id byte 8 id byte 9 id byte 10 id byte 11 id byte 12 id byte 13 id byte Seems to be for the ID from the SPI NAND, Might not actually get checked, “GCIS.bin” has 0x2, 0xc2, 0x12, 0x00 ..
0x20 spare byte count l spare byte count h page byte count l page byte count h block page count l block page count h block count l block count h sector byte count l sector byte count h plane count wrap config RIU read clock config uboot pba bl0 pba clock config is the max frequency in mhz
0x30 bl1 pba hash pba hash pba hash pba hash pba hash pba hash pba read mode write mode