Git trees

Mainline staging tree - This tree contains cleaned up patches that have/will be trying to enter mainline.

Dirty work tree - This tree contains the most hardware support but is also a complete mess. Rebasing happens often here.

Round 1: Initial support (arch definition, basic DTS, UART)


The current patcheset is at V4 and can be seen on patchwork or on msc313_mainlining branch on github. With those patches you can boot your Breadbee or 70mai Dash Cam boards with the serial console and initramfs. Not much more is working at this stage, though, not even a reset.

Round 2: Push as much trivial DTS stuff as possibleg


Bunch of purely DTS stuff. Adds SRAM, PMU and reboot support so that resetting now works.

Round 3: Interrupt controllers?


Round 4: Initial clocks, MPLL, PLL gater, clock gates

Round 5: DW uart quirk + wiring for mstar

Round 6: Push i2m/SMP support?